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HITLab Projects

  • 3D Microscopy for Cancer Screening
  • Augmented Tangible Molecular Models
  • Burn Pain Control with VR
  • Engineering Study of an Endoscope Design
  • Expert Surgical Assistant
  • Fast Finite Element Modeling for Surgical Simulation
  • fMRI Research on Virtual Reality Analgesia
  • GaS Works
  • Interactive VRD
  • Learning in Virtual Environments
  • Low Vision Aid
  • Micro-optical fabrication of a fiber scanning system
  • Motion Sickness
  • Multimodal Interfaces
  • Parkinson's Project
  • Shared Space
  • True 3D Displays
  • Virtual Calakmul
  • Virtual Playground
  • Virtual Prototyping of Medical Robotic Interfaces
  • Virtual Puget Sound
  • Virtual Retinal Display
  • Virtual Scalable Basin
  • VR Therapy for Spider Phobia
  • VR Treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • VRD Emulator
  • Water-Friendly Virtual Reality
  • Wearable Low Vision Aid