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Virtual Scalable Basin

What is being researched?

The VSB is an approach to Science & Resource management that reflects a modern approach to apply a common philosophy to all river basin modeling such that input, process, and outputs can be standardized and solutions associated with the modeling effort can be reused across basins. Initially, the VSB looks at modeling of water resources that allow for real-time predictions, flood probabilities, and scenario testing.

What are the expected outcomes and benefits?

Better component-based modeling architectures ripe for parallelization and Grid deployment. Better sharing of modeling ideas via visual pipeline software that shows modeling runs in action via time step visualization.

What are the potential applications?

Earth Science simulation collaborations across disparate organizations (there are better ways to collaborate within a single organization)

What are some future directions?

Increase in the number of modules available to Earth Science simulation modelers. See how AVS and IRIS Explorer facilitated scientific visualization pipeline module development and D2K facilitated collaborative scientific data mining. The project aims to do the same for simulations.

Who is working on it?

Dr. Bruce Donald Campbell <bdc at>, on behalf of the River Systems Research Group within the University of Washington (with collaborators in Brazil, Thailand, and here in the Puget Sound area of Washington State).

Who is funding this effort?

The University of Washington, NASA, and the National Science Foundation